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Perfect for quick, healthy and convenient meals all week long

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We have tons of freezer meals!
Great for farmers!

1642 – 100th Street
North Battleford, SK
306-445-4042 or 306-480-7840

Open 11AM-5:30PM

Orders can be placed at 8:00 am
Meals will be ready at 11:00 am
Open Monday-Friday until 5:30 pm
Closed on Stat Holidays


Hot Meal: $10.00 + tax
Soup/Salad: $3.50 + tax
Wrap: $6.50 + tax
Sandwich: $4.50 + tax

Download Daily Grab N Go PDF here – perfect to put on the fridge in the office staff room or your home!

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We have extensive full menu choices. All meals are based on the client’s choice – You choose every aspect of the menu… Then I make it and delivered to the client. No fuss! No mess! -Annette

Read what Jen Starycki has to say:

“If you are struggling to get home cooked meals to the workers, both in the yard or out in the fields… this has been a life saver for us! Last year we trialed getting Sigstads Prairie Catering to prepare frozen meals that conveniently fit in cab sized slow cookers. Dane would grab one in the morning before heading to the field, and pop it in the cooker for a while before he wanted to eat. He tested out 8 different meals at that time, and it was PERFECT! Size was great, taste was great and it heated up great in our cookers all while he was able to keep rolling.

Fast forward to last harvest: We ordered a lot more and bought a freezer for the shop.
In the morning we would all grab a home cooked frozen meal of our choice add a few snacks I had pre made, and drinks.And we were set for the day. Eat a hot meal when we were hungry, not when it was brought out and sometimes not convenient pending on what was happening.

Yes it was a little bit of a struggle for me to be “ok” with me or my mother in-law not cooking everyday , but things have changed! It’s busy for everyone, land is too spread out, women are working and women are in the field more than ever and aren’t standing in the kitchen all day. This has been a great solution for us. And another great part, I know my boys have good home cooked meals at home for them too! Everyone is covered. This year my guilt is gone. Zero. It was perfect and we happily ordered again for seeding! I picked up the order this morning and we’re getting ready to get in the field this week.

If you’re like me and many others… give it a try! Maybe it’s the perfect solution? Worst case – it doesn’t work and your home freezer is topped up with great meals for you and the family. We bought cab slow cookers from Canadian tire and they plug in to the auxiliary. The containers fit well and warm up great.”